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Why exhibit?

If you are a wine producer or a wine merchant,
WWM Asia is THE tool helping you to:

  • develop your existing export sales
  • start to export your products
  • prospect international markets at a modest cost
  • build your export address book
  • meet buyers with a strong buying potential and with identified needs

The participants:

  • 100 producers and wine merchants coming from the all around the world
  • 120 buyers (importers, wholesalers, distributors) from the major and booming buying markets in Asia (China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Singapour, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia).

Our selection criteria for the buyers:

  • Each buyer has to be the decision-maker and to specify price points, quantities and wine regions that he is looking for.
  • Validation of the solvency of each buyer by the references given from their actual suppliers and evaluation of the company's profile.
  • The buyers engage with a participation fee and organise their own trip.
120 buyers (importers, wholesalers, distributors) from the major and booming buying markets in Asia


China now has approximately 21 million wine buyers online, making it the world’s largest and fastest-growing e-commerce market for wine, and the channel is becoming increasingly important for Chinese wine drinkers.

Chinese drinkers are spending more on wine every year. China is now one of the World’s top five import markets and consumer. It represents 15 million hl each year and a increasing of 3.5% since 2016 with 17 % more importation every year.


Serving a population of over 50 million people with a high level of alcohol consumption and solid purchasing power, the South Korean market offers significant potential for wine exporters. South Korea imports for more than 210 million USD in 2017 and this data is increasing by 10.7% this then. Volumes drop between 2016 and 2017 with and budget increasing which means the price is rising with the importations.

South Korea is the third Asian country commercializing wine and this market is constantly growing.


In Asia, Vietnam is one of the non-wine producing emerging markets, alongside India, Malaysia and Thailand, that are gradually developing their own wine industries: though wine is still a relatively new product, its consumption is growing by 10% each year, and equals 17,34 million liters in 2017. The number of wine drinkers has risen steadily and significantly since the early 2000s, gaining market share from other more traditional alcoholic beverages. With a population of more than 92.3 million in 2015, Vietnam is a high potential future market for wine exporters.


2 Participation packages:

  • Individual package: Each 'face-to-face' meeting lasts for 40 minutes and takes place in ar area that is allocated entirely for the use of your business. The area comprises of 1 booth suite per company. 
  • Share package: You share your meeting schedule and office with a 'partner' from a different region or country chosen by you or by Adhesion Group. The main difference between this package and the individual package is that each of your 40 minutes meetings, you will welcome new buyers together with your 'partner' in your office. You present your products either stimultaneously or one after the other. *You exhibit with a partner that you already know or provided by Adhesion Group.

Your private office:

stands 8 m 1

Meetings are held in the "Ball room" of the hotel, with your own private equipped booth, granting you privacy and discretion - you can avoid large crowds and have a more substantial discussion. A glass service will take place twice a day.

Please note that English is the language used at the convention, but we strongly suggest to you to use the service of a translator, because most of the Chinese buyers don’t speak fluent English.

Please contact us in case you require a translation service.

EachPackage includes:

  • A company presentation on the online catalogue
  • A pre-programmed meetings schedule (common meeting schedule for shared package)
  • The online catalogue, containing details regarding the buyers and their needs
  • Digital VIP invitations for your prospects
  • Meals scheduled in the program, 12 glasses, 1 spittoon,1 ice bucket
  • Favorable rates concerning the transfer of samples to Shanghai with our logistics partner
  • Adhesion Group team assistance on-site, high speed wireless Internet access
  • Stand supplies: melamine backdrop, sign, electricity
  • Furniture Pack: 1 table, 3 chairs, 1 four-level shelf, 1 wastepaper basket

The meals: 1 gala dinner and 2 lunches are taken together, giving you a further opportunity to showcase your wines and giving you 3 more occasions to meet new buyers.
The meetings take place in your exhibition booth: you just need to bring your samples. Please bring sufficient samples to cover the convention and the meals.

Example of meetings schedule:

Example of meetings schedule