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The vineyard of Beaujolais is home of the Gamay Noir grape. It thrives on Beaujolais terroirs and gives birth to 10 outstanding Crus. All of them develop very specific characteristics and offer a true expression of Gamay Noir. Come and taste to discover the uniqueness of Beaujolais Crus, their amazing diversity and true capability of ageing.

Vin de Savoie

Sommeliers International

CIVR Roussillon Wines in China. Taste one of the thirteen appellations and enjoy an exclusive gastronomic tour... Sensual delights, the pleasure to share them, unbelievable richness of the Mediterranean landscapes allows enjoying gastronomic treasures, of which the wines are the noblest embodiment.

Planete Bordeaux Planete Bordeaux. To know everything about the appellations Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur, to get initiated to tasting, to get more familiar with the jobs of the vine and wine, to learn about harmony between delicacy and wine, to visit our place of interest in Beychac, to discover our winegrowers order, to rent meeting-room, to take part to our promotional actions, etc…

Rioja Renowned around the world, Rioja wines blend 1000 years of tradition, unique varietals and soils, and leading edge winemaking to bring you some of the most exciting wines of the world. Featuring the participation of 12 producers. Experience Rioja at Guangzhou!


Bordeaux Supérieur  

Côtes de Bordeaux The Côtes de Bordeaux represents 14% of the total production of Bordeaux wines, covers 12 600 hectares and has 1 500 winegrowers, divided into 4 "terroirs": Blaye, Cadillac, Castillon and Francs. Located on the right bank of two rivers : the Garonne and the Dordogne and on hillside vineyards, the Côtes de Bordeaux vines enjoy ideal sunny conditions for producing quality wines. The red wines (97% of the production) are fruity and expressive with the Merlot as main grape varietal. The White wines are very expressive with the sauvignon Blanc as main grape varietal. We wish you a nice discovery of our wines.

Enoteca Emilia Romagna Organization that has been working to promote and highlight dop and igp wines from emilia-romagna. Located in dozza (bo), it represents about 230 member producers and organizes numerous projects all over the world.

Toro The Toro Designation of Origin has a regulating Body which attends the standards set forth in the Regulations, thus guaranteeing the quality of the product. This Body guarantees the quality of more than thirty wineries, authorising the making of white, rosé and red wines, with the latter using the terms of “joven”, “crianza”, “reserva” and “gran reserva”.
Their objective is to defend the good name of their wines and the promotion of them all around the world.

Junta de Castilla

Zwiesel Kristallglas


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