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If you are an importer/buyer, WWM Asia gives you the opportunity to meet wine producers coming from the Europe
If you are an importer/buyer, WWM Asia gives you the opportunity to meet wine producers and offers you all these benefits:


Diversity of Appellations:

Over the two days, we give you the opportunity to taste wines from both famous appellations and up-and-coming regions. You will be able to appreciate the quality and range of the wine producing areas selected by us.


Rallying all the winemaking players together:

Producers, wineries and wine merchants will showcase their wines. So every part of the trade is represented.


Save invaluable time:

In just 2 days, you will meet over 100 producers and wine-merchants of Europe and the new world. Saves you making several separate buying trips.


Professional working conditions:

Your meetings, each lasting 40 minutes, will take place in the calm and privacy in equipped booth in the Ball room of the Kerry Hotel.


A warm and informal atmosphere:

You spend 2 days with all the participants and suppliers in the prestigious environment of Kerry Hotel, where personal relationships and a friendly atmosphere are strongly valued.


Quality and diversity of the suppliers:

The priority of each supplier is to develop exports. This is a unique opportunity for you to meet these suppliers as they do not always participate in traditional trade fairs.


  • The Convention arranges targeted, pre-programmed and confidential meetings for you with producers and wine-merchants.
  • The meals, 1 dinner and 2 lunches are taken together, giving you another chance to taste wines & spirits from the participants.

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