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Why exhibit?

If you are a wine producer or a wine merchant,
WWM Asia is THE tool helping you to:

  • develop your existing export sales
  • start to export your products
  • prospect international markets at a modest cost
  • build your export address book
  • meet buyers with a strong buying potential and with identified needs

The participants:

  • 100 producers and wine merchants coming from the all around the world
  • 120 buyers (importers, wholesalers, distributors) from the major and booming buying markets in Asia (China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Singapour, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia).

Our selection criteria for the buyers:

  • They need to import at least 100,000 bottles per year.
  • They must be accepted by our selection board.
  • They are able to provide references from their existing suppliers: (payment delays, frequency of orders etc.)
  • They are in a position of responsibility to make concrete buying decisions and to specify price points, quantities and appellations required.
  • WWM is your chance to prospect Asian markets with a minimum of expenses.
120 buyers (importers, wholesalers, distributors) from the major and booming buying markets in Asia


China now has approximately 21 million wine buyers online, making it the world’s largest and fastest-growing e-commerce market for wine, and the channel is becoming increasingly important for Chinese wine drinkers. Chinese drinkers are spending more on wine. The number is up by more than a quarter than 2014 (38m). China is now one of the EU’s top fi ve export markets.


Serving a population of over 50 million people with a high level of alcohol consumption and solid purchasing power, the South Korean market offers signifi cant potential for wine exporters. South Korea imports everything it consumes. Wine imports soared from 2002, particularly in the wake of the free trade agreement with Chile. Volumes then fell between 2008 and 2011 during the global economic crisis before beginning to climb again in 2011, stimulated by the recovery and the implementation of the free trade agreement between Korea and the European Union, which marked a major resurgence in wine sales. In 2014, wine imports reached a record high of €162 million, up 6% in value from 2013. The total volume of imports amounted to 33.1 million litres, up 1.7% (USDA-FAS, 2015).


In Asia, Vietnam is one of the non-wine producing emerging markets, alongside India, Malaysia and Thailand, that are gradually developing their own wine industries: though wine is still a relatively new product, its consumption is growing year on year, reaching 600 million litres in 2014 which equates to 6.5 litres per capita. The number of wine drinkers has risen steadily and signifi cantly since the early 2000s, gaining market share from other more traditional alcoholic beverages. Wines recorded total volume growth of 6% in 2013, and 11% in the case of red wine (Euromonitor, 2014), a trend subsequently confi rmed by a 10% increase in 2014 within a highly competitive marketplace. With a population of more than 92.3 million in 2015, Vietnam is a high potential future market for wine exporters.


Depending on which package you have chosen, you will either have a meeting timetable just for your company (individual package), or a meeting timetable where you meet importers at the same time as another company (shared package)*. With the shared package, each company has 20 minutes to present their wines. Your timetables will thus be identical.
Buyers will come for 40 minutes meeting in your room.
*you decide which company you wish to share with or the organization can introduce you to some companies registered, which are looking for a partner.

Your private office in a luxurious suite:

Your private office in a luxurious suite

Meetings are held inside the office area of your hotel room, granting you privacy and discretion - you can avoid large crowds and have a more substantial discussion. A glass service will take place twice a day.

Please note that English is the language used at the convention, but we strongly suggest to you to use the service of a translator, because most of the Chinese buyers don’t speak fluent English.

Please contact us in case you require a translation service.

The "Individual participation" Package includes:

  • 3 nights hotel accommodation, breakfast included
  • A company presentation on our website
  • A pre-programmed meetings schedule
  • The on-line catalogue, containing details regarding the buyers and their needs
  • All participant contact details and the opportunity to them
  • 12 glasses, 1 spittoon and 1 ice bucket
  • Service of glasses
  • Favourable rates concerning the transfer of samples to Singapore with our logistics partner
  • The catalogue of the participants
  • Gala Dinner participation + mini-expo
  • 2 lunches
  • Ice delivery

The meals: 1 gala dinner and 2 lunches are taken together, giving you a further opportunity to showcase your wines and giving you 3 more occasions to meet new buyers.
The meetings take place in your hotel room: you just need to bring your samples. Please bring sufficient samples to cover the convention, the mini-fair and the meals.

Example of meetings schedule:

Example of meetings schedule


  • “I must say the whole event was very well organized and planned. Thanks a lot for providing us an opportunity to open new doors of business for my company. Once again thanks a lot on behalf of Brindco sales Ltd.” Rahul Khatkar / Brindco (India)
  • “The organization and services are impressive, it's definitely an event worth attending” Mr CAO, General Manager of Shanghai Huma (China)