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WWM Asia

120 buyers from all around Asia join WWM Shanghai to meet 100 wine producers from all around the world!
A two-day program combining: business + networking + market expertise

For wine producers / wine merchants:

The convention gives you the chance to meet importers from all the main Asian markets. So you can develop and/or increase your sales in the Asian markets. With an incredible growth rate in wine consumption over the last five years, Asia is the market of tomorrow. However, it is a huge market, where the identification of good commercial partners is not easy. WWM is your tool to identify the right partners for your development on this continent.


For wine buyers / importers:

During the convention you will be able to meet around 20 winemakers, selected by you according to their profile (appellation, number of cases produced, wine making methods, exclusivity), in pre-organized 40 minute meetings. Lunches and dinner are also additional opportunities to discover new wines and to discuss with wine producers.

The business meetings

The Adhesion Group concept: Highly targeted, pre-scheduled “on demand meetings. A methodology that ensures the success of a business convention.
Adhesion Group’s “Business Meetings” concept offers an original and strict methodology which enables delegates to select contacts based on their needs and to obtain, prior to attending an event, their personal 2-day schedule of targeted meetings. The key to the success of Adhesion’s business conventions is in the planning. There are 4 planning stages:

1st stage: The presentation form

Each participant completes a detailed registration form online.
  • If you are a wine buyer or a wine importer, you detail the type of products you are looking for, number of bottles imported, price range...
  • If you are a wine merchant or wine producer, you detail your skills, production, appellation, grape varieties, wine' tehnical  data, export strategy, types of contacts sought...

2nd stage:  The official convention catalogue

Three weeks before the event, participants can access the official convention catalogue - with all the participants’ details - online.
Detailing each participant’s registration information, the catalogue enables you to select the companies you want to meet.
As it constitutes a database, it can also be utilised as a real work tool in the long-term.

3rd stage: The choice of meeting appointments and validation

Because your time is precious we want to optimise your meetings and ensure that they are efficient.
In order to do so we ask that participants return their requests for meetings 10 days prior to the event.
Each participant validates or refuses requests for meetings.

4th stage: The meetings schedule

By using our specially designed technology, we are able to plan meetings in accordance with your wishes and availability. Each participant receives his/her own schedule of private and personal meetings oline and on the first day of the convention. On site, the buyers move from booth to booth according to their schedule thus enabling participants to engage in direct, fast and efficient contact.